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Goals & Core Values


1.     To produce graduates who will be Catholic leaders who are integrally formed, with moral conscience and mature faith, balanced by disciplined pursuit of academic excellence.

2.     To assist the church and the Nation in the basic formation of the human person, in the context of the national development goals.

3.     To nurture an educational environment that offers opportunities to the youth and young children especially those who have less in life, a familial atmosphere of prayer, love, care, concern, generosity and simplicity of lifestyle.

4.     To focus concern for learning the cultural traditions and the growth and development of every individual deeply rooted in the gospel values.




1.    Faith

•    Spiritually and Emotionally Mature
•    Passionate commitment to truth
•    Respect for the dignity of the person

Related Values

a.  Piety
b.  Courage
c.   Fidelity
d.   Communion
e.   Trust
f.    Knowledge of the Catholic Faith

2.    Hope

•    Excellence
•    Professional Dignity and Attitude
•    Christian Leadership

Related Values

a.    Competence
b.    Resourcefulness
c.    Self-reliance
d.    Perseverance
e.    Maturity
f.    Accountability

3.    Charity

•    Social involvement
•    Simplicity of lifestyle
•    Humble – loving service

Related Values

a.    Stewardship
b.    Preferential Love for the Poor
c.    Nationalism
d.    Integrity
e.    Discipline
f.    Humility
g.    Justice
h.    Prudence


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