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Institutional Directions

The 6 Institutional Directions are in support of the school's process in sustaining the ongoing PAASCU accreditation.


1.     Academic Excellence

Creating a dynamic instructional climate: The foundation for effective instruction and positive student outcomes.


2.   Student Services

Enhancing personal quest in advancing and upgrading students' skills and talents through creative, interactive and technologically-based exposures.


3.  Sustained Evangelical Mission by the Center for Christian Formation

Strengthening Religion as the core of the curriculum which includes Catechetical Instruction in the public schools, and the Munting Sambayanang Kristiyano as special outreach programs of the school community.


4.   Human Resource Development

Development of a culture of strong service orientation among school personnel.


5.   Effective Financial Management

Optimization of financial resources through effective planning, administration and control of the school assets, revenues and expenditures.


6.   Research and Development

Utilization of data-based and action research information in support of institutional concerns of the school.